Private Dolphin Watch


As experienced Eco Tour Guides, We’ve worked hard to make sure our tours are anything but run of the mill. Take a peak into a day in the life of some of our local and migratory Bottlenose Dolphins. See and learn about our dolphins while watching them in their natural habitat. This is a great adventure for the entire family. Call (843) 896-6242or email us at

for more information or to schedule your adventure today.

Mini Dolphin Tour

1.5 hours $250

Have a jammed packed schedule but really want to see some dolphins and get out on the water?  Then this is the tour you!  We'll pick you and up to 5 others for an exciting 1.5 hour boat ride where you get to search for local aquatic celebrities and we'll have you back on the dock in plenty of time for your next activity.

10% deposit required at time of booking.

*There is a 4% convenience fee for all credit card charges

Dolphin Enthusiast

2 hours $300

For those that want more quality time on the water with our aquatic friends. You and up to 5 other guests can enjoy making picture perfect memories aboard the Castaway with Captain Linh Craig.

10% deposit required at time of booking.

*There is a 4% convenience fee for all credit card charges

Dolphins & More

3 hours $400

No one is in a hurry here!  Just relax and enjoy the ride on the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway. Soak in the Lowcountry lifestyle with up to 5 of your friends or family members and create memories to last a lifetime!

10% deposit required at time of booking.

*There is a 4% convenience fee for all credit card charges

All adventures offer chance encounters with our local wildlife and aquatic friends.  If you don’t see the perfect tour for you, contact us to find out about creating your own itinerary. All tours accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers and includes a cooler of ice and bottled water.

If you are looking for an Adventure "Today", please give us a call at 843-896-6242. to check availability 

Dolphin at Sea

What do Bottlenose Dolphins look like?

Bottlenose dolphins are the most recognisable of all dolphin species. They are generally relatively large, chunky individuals with a dark grey back and paler belly. They have a short, stubby beak and that endearing mouth shape that makes them look as though they are smiling – an unfortunate feature if you think about how attractive that ‘smile’ has made them to the ‘entertainment’ industry. Individuals can be recognised by distinct notches and markings on their dorsal fin, as unique as our fingerprints.

Spinner Dolphins

What’s life like for a bottlenose dolphin?

If you are a bottlenose dolphin, your family and friends are vital. You rely on them for companionship and fun, and they also help you to find and catch food. They babysit your kids when you need to scope out new hunting grounds, and they will rally round when you are sick. Although some individuals choose to live alone, by far the majority are highly social and will also associate with other species of dolphins, whales and even sharks and turtles. Some even cooperate with humans to catch fish.


What do bottlenose dolphin eat?

What a bottlenose dolphin eats will depends on where they live. For the most northerly resident population of common bottlenose dolphins in Scotland’s Moray Firth, there’s nothing better than a plump tasty salmon. For others it’s squid and crustaceans. They swallow their food whole and if you watch a dolphin hunting fish, you will often see them tossing it into the air to get a better angle so that it slides down their throat more easily. Mothers will spend years teaching their calves the best places to go to find food, and passing on tips and tricks for successful hunting.